About Us


I’m so glad you’re here. My name is Lauren Jenkins, I’m based in Gallatin, TN, and A&B Cleaning Co. is my new adventure.

I’m Mom to a feral toddler and a beautiful baby boy, wife to my high school sweetheart, and a nurse.

In December, we welcomed Beau into our family. After two months, we noticed his baby acne really wasn’t going away and he was diagnosed with eczema. I switched all my products to fragrance free, dye free, toxin free, you name it free. If you know me, you know I LOVE a good fragrance and bleach mmmk. 😅

It helped some, but we were still having outbreak after outbreak. Our pediatrician suggested putting hydrocortisone on all of his spots. I thought, you know, there HAS to be something else I can do before I put this cream so close to his eyes, nose, and mouth, and 💥 enter A&B Cleaning Co. I’ve taken visible evidence from my kids, my knowledge in chemistry and health, and my time home with my kids and crafted something I’m so proud of.

Join me and together we can clean up spilled milk for the 37th time day in and day out, together, chemical, dye, and fragrance free